How We Work

How We Work

We provide you with hassle-free funding. We get rid of the difficulties you run into with traditional lenders.

Merchant Cash Advance, Line of Credit, Collateral Funding, and Credit Card Processing funding options are different from traditional bank loans not only because it’s much easier to qualify for but also because you don’t accumulate interest on your loan alternative.

Nine out of every ten businesses in the US are unable to obtain financing.

According to the Small Business Administration, which oversees the nation’s some fourteen million small businesses, problems in obtaining adequate and timely funding are the main culprits in causing small businesses to fail. As businessmen and businesswomen who have worked closely with many small and medium-sized businesses over the years, we at Triumph Capital, LLC have seen first-hand the problems this places on small business owners in managing their cash flow.

Our goal in creating Triumph Capital, LLC was to provide funding to small business owners who might otherwise be unable to obtain it elsewhere. We won't let lack of sufficient credit or the necessary collateral determine the success of your business!

Educating Our Clientele

Why should you consider Triumph Capital, LLC advance? We believe we have set ourselves apart from other companies that provide alternative funding by placing an emphasis on educating our merchants.

Before we conduct business with any business owner, we make certain our clients have a complete understanding of the funding arrangement. We are also careful to set realistic terms with our clients based on their earnings profiles, in order to minimize the possibility of future cash flow problems.

Whether you’re a restaurant, a florist, an ad agency, salon, spa or an automotive center, you have a maximum percentage of gross revenues that you can afford to pay back each month to meet your financial obligation. We like to establish a “safe retrieval percentage”, meaning we make sure you stay within this limit so as not to cause you cash flow distress. Finally, we provide a clear disclosure of all costs upfront.



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